Why Did I start This Site?

Just Write

As I was sitting in front of a blank screen one day, yet again, I started to wonder what exactly was keeping me from just . . . writing. Because as any writer will tell you, the only way to be a writer is to, you know, write. Seems simple. But add in writing anxiety and perfectionism, editing every other word, and a copious amount of writing advice online and in books, and I found myself paralyzed. Which outlining process is best? How much freewriting and drafting should I do? How many words per day should I be writing? Am I a plotter or a pantser? Who should my accountability partner be? And why do I have to know all of these things RIGHT NOW?

I knew I couldn't be the only person with these problems, so I decided to tackle them one at a time, beginning with my accountability partner. In this case, I'm choosing the internet. Yes. This website, Texas Girl Writes, and everyone who reads it, is going to be my accountability partner. And I hope I can be yours too! I'm very good at buying and reading books about writing, bookmarking essays about writing online, and doing a lot of research about what other writers do. Actually trying it? Well, let's just say I need to work on that.

My current goal is to write a rough draft of a middle grade novel that I have a basic plot for and have been working on for awhile, and thinking about for even longer. Every week I'll post an update with what worked for me that week, what didn't work for me, and what progress I was able to make in my writing, despite how small the progress might seem. I'll also send out a monthly newsletter with links to books and articles you might find helpful, as well as author and blogger interviews.

My hope is that by keeping myself accountable, I'll be able to form a solid (ish?) writing routine, as well as foster a writing community here that we can all be a part of. Support can be hard to ask for in the writing world, especially when you're new to it, so I'm here asking for it and offering it in return.

Now. Let's write!


About Me

Hi! I'm Sara.


I'm so glad you found your way here, and I hope my little corner of the internet can be helpful in some way. I started this project for two reasons: to hold myself accountable, very publicly, to keeping a writing schedule, and to document my writing process. I include things that work and don't work for me, in the hope that it will help other writers who are staring out. Writing can be daunting, scary, and lonely, and I'm trying to find ways that can help us all move past that and just write!

Our Writing Community


My hope for Texas Girl Writes is to foster a writing community that we can all participate in. Through blog posts, social media, and monthly newsletters, I want us all to be able to connect with each other and share writing ideas, tips, tricks, and support.

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